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With our experience as successful search engine marketers, the Web Exordium can provide your company with top quality business website optimization. Using this service, your business can:

  • Achieve Higher Organic Search Engine Rankings
  • Target Customers Looking For The Products You Offer
  • Avoid Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Site's Rankings

Our staff has several years of experience in optimizing websites for very competitive keyword phrases. Some of the cities we cover in the North Dallas area include:

We utilize a proven 5-step method that covers every aspect of business website optimization, including both "on page" and "off page" factors. We also offer three additional steps for submitting your site to all free search engines, getting listed in the top paid directories, and building quality inbound links.

Initial Website Assessment

The process begins with a thorough evaluation of your website. This includes checking for several design issues that can interfere with your success in most search engines. Based upon this initial assessment, we will be able to map out what directions your website should take in order to achieve higher rankings in search engines.

Targeted Keyword Research

Using proven keyword research tools, our staff will identify the best keywords for your site. This research will ensure that your site is targeting high-volume keywords that will bring in the right type of traffic.

Inbound Link Analysis

Next, we analyze your current inbound link structure. Search engine algorithms rely on inbound links from other websites to help them determine how a page should rank for specific keywords. Our link analysis will identify potential strengths and weaknesses in your current inbound link structure.

Site Structure Redesign

Many websites don't use their own site architecture to their advantage. The way a site is organized and how it uses navigation both play a large part in the overall success of a website's keyword optimization. Our staff will analyze your current website structure and suggest necessary changes to title tags, meta tags, navigation, internal link text, site architecture, and other important areas.

Content Optimization

Finally, we optimize the content on your website's home page and several other important landing pages. In this step of our website optimization service, we adjust your site's text to be more spider-friendly while fitting into current search engine algorithm guidelines.

Search Engine Submission

One optional part of our website optimization services is to submit your website to all major search engines. This includes Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search, Ask Jeeves / Teoma, DMOZ, and several others. We will check these search engines to see where your site may already be listed and then submit your site to any free search engines where you are not currently listed.

Paid Web Directory Placement

Another optional step is to get your website listed in major paid web directories, such as the Yahoo! Directory, Microsoft Bcentral,, and Looksmart. Each of these directories has it's own yearly price for paid submission, but they all can help in building your website's link popularity.

Inbound Link Development

The final step (and the most important one) for achieving high search engine rankings is to acquire good inbound links to your website. This is an ongoing process that must be performed as long as you have a website and want to rank well in search engines. Our staff can provide this service on a monthly basis, or you can choose to handle this task internally. In such a case, we can suggest an inbound link strategy for your internal personnel to follow.

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Services We Offer

  • Initial Website Assessment
  • Targeted Keyword Research
  • Inbound Link Analysis
  • Site Structure Redesign
  • Content Optimization
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Paid Web Directory Placement
  • Inbound Link Development

Optimization services are easily combined with custom website design.